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For an accomplished and reliable orthodontist in Austin, contact the friendly and professional staff at Austin Orthodontic Specialists. Dr. Michael Dillingham leads our knowledgeable and caring team in providing you and your family the best possible orthodontic experience in your area. Dr. Dillingham has almost twenty years of practicing orthodontics in Austin and is constantly looking for ways to improve your quality of care.


Here at Austin Orthodontic Specialists, your complimentary first appointment includes the necessary digital x-ray imaging used by Dr. Dillingham during your initial interview and examination. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and become comfortable with Dr. Dillingham.  Together, using your images and examination, we will agree on a plan of treatment, which may include: use of our unique Damon Braces, Invisalign, or orthodontic appliances, length of treatment, and any dental work you might need in conjunction with your orthodontic therapy.

After your diagnosis and discussion with Dr. Dillingham, your consultation coordinator will clear up any questions that you may have regarding your treatment plan, our special bracket system, or the financial responsibilities. Our goal is to answer every question thoroughly and honestly, to your satisfaction. We want you to know that your comfort and quality of care have always been our top priorities.

If you are searching for an awarded and trustworthy orthodontist in Austin, you have come to the right place. Visit us today at either Austin Orthodontic Specialists locations, schedule by phone, or request an appointment through the link on the lefthand side.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you are in our hands. Don't wait; let Dr. Dillingham start creating your dazzling smile today!


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